Matthew Heimgartner

I am a story teller. I tell the stories about my own life from the perspective of a Gay man who has battled for his mental health, struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction, but has found strength to rebuild from the ruins that could have destroyed me. Sobriety and sanity are both constant themes in my work; everything that I am and that I have been goes into my Art.

Creating Art is a therapeutic experience for me. Everything I create stems from my truths. I am inspired by all the things that reach any of my five senses, but am most inspired by the emotions that run through me. Sometimes I do not even understand the emotion until it escapes my soul and becomes Art in the physical world.

I hold degrees in English and Visual Art. Since graduating from San Jose State University, I have been active in the California Bay Area Art scene, showing in galleries and festivals around the Bay. In 2019, Content Magazine published a profile about me. My work has been featured in Art magazines such as CreativPaper and Artist Portfolio. I have been a resident Artist of KALEID gallery in San Jose since 2018.