Matthew Heimgartner

I am a story teller, but I tell my stories with paintings. I tell stories about my life from the point of view of a person in the LGBTQ+ community, a man who has battled for his mental health, struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction, but has also  succeeded in many aspects of life. Everything that I am and that I have been goes into my Art. I often reflect on my life as a young boy who did not fit in while growing up in East San Jose.

Creating Art is the therapy that I use to work through any unresolved conflicts that I’ve encountered both internally and externally. By making such personal Art, I hope to encourage people to dig into their selves to truly understand who they are. I am inspired by all the things that I see, feel, hear, touch and taste, but I am most inspired by the emotions that run through me. Sometimes I do not even understand the emotion until I see it in acrylic paint on my canvas or in watercolor and ink on paper.

I hold degrees in English and Visual Art. Since graduating from San Jose State University, I have been featured in several Art shows and festivals throughout the Bay Area and in a few Art magazines such as Content, CreativPaper and Artist Portfolio. In March 2019, KALEID Gallery held my debut solo visual narrative, Things Unsaid.


Matty Heimgartner