Matthew received his AA in English and is currently earning his BA in Art.

As a writer, Matthew uses social issues and mental illnesses as strong undertones for narrative stories. One of Matthew’s short stories, “Agnes,” was accepted to be published for a the Spring 2014 release of the literary magazine, “Voices.” Unfortunately, the magazine did not receive enough funding to release that particular volume. He recently completed another short story entitled, “Thirty-Seven,” touching on the hardships of depression.

As an artist, Matthew has worked with various mediums, ranging from pencil and pastel to videography. He earned his first gallery hanging with the oil painting, “Mallory’s Monday,” in Andre Hart’s 2016 collaborative show, “Private Conversations.” The show was held at Works Gallery in Downtown San Jose in the fall of 2016. Matthew was part of two more group shows in 2016, a printmaking show called “Fingerprints,” and an advanced drawing show.