When I was seven-years-old I began writing about and drawing pictures of a character that I named Jeanene Carols. Jeanene was a 14-year-old pop star that aged in real time. Shortly after creating Jeanene, I created her best friend, Antinda Heim, another 14-year-old pop star. From then, the record company, Music Junky Records, and their world only grew. Though not my only subjects, the cartoon pop stars of Music Junky Records are the most common subjects of my visual art, being oil paint on canvas, or colored pencil on paper.

I began writing fiction at the same age, mostly using Jeanene, Antinda, and other Music Junky Records pop stars as my main subjects. When I became a teenager, I expanded the subjects of my written fiction outside of Music Junky Records, focusing on the hardships that ordinary people face every day. This transition led me to write the stories that were published in Defiant Scribe Online Literary Magazine. My fiction now focuses on people with psychological illnesses.