At a very young age, I found freedom to express myself through written word. In elementary, middle and high school, while most of the other kids played sports, video games, etc., I was writing. Over those years, I entered a handful of writing contests. In ninth grade, I took home the first place award for a short story about a socially invisible girl transitioning from middle to high school and her journey to become noticed. In second grade, I was disqualified for describing a deadly car crash. In tenth grade, I was forced to see a counselor because a perfect wedding day ended in suicide.

I am currently writing a novel about Antinda, a character that I have been developing since I was just seven years old.

Defiant Scribe Online Literary Magazine has published four of my short stories that I have written in third-person perspective during various moments of my life. You can read my latest, “Thirty-Seven,” here, and you can find the other three via the link below.