During my undergraduate studies at San Jose State University, I held two solo exhibitions. Both exhibitions were narratives created with Prismacolor pencils and typed text.

My first show, The Life of Antinda, was a narrative featuring seven one-page short stories written by me, from pop star Antinda Heim’s perspective. I created Antinda (and her best friend Jeanene Carols) when I was just seven years old. At twenty-five, I felt more than ready to share her with people. I am (slowly) writing a book that stemmed from the seven short stories posted on the gallery walls in The Life of Antinda.

I used a similar structure for my second show, Story Telling, with a few adjustments. There were many more images and much less writing. I utilized the 9″x12″ colored pencil paper in a more efficient way to tell the stories through my visual art rather than my written art.